Rethink Travel - Inspiring Stories Building Better Tourism

Illana Adamson - Sustainable Developments Explained

March 02, 2022 Nathalie Grolimund - Rethink Travel Season 1 Episode 5
Rethink Travel - Inspiring Stories Building Better Tourism
Illana Adamson - Sustainable Developments Explained
Show Notes

Rethink Travel Podcast highlights the stories of the best people around the world in or around the travel industry dedicated to better tourism around the world.

With this podcast, we aim to make it easier for people to understand what sustainability means in the travel industry and its importance in the space.
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EDUCATION IS KEY IN ORDER TO MOVE INTO A MORE SUSTAINABLE WORLD - Rethink Travel's Mission is to empower people to make conscious travel and living the only choice so we created a space for people - travelers - to learn about sustainable and regenerative travel.

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Be Better Founder and CEO Illana is a sustainable development thought leader, keynote speaker and connector. She believes that the way we speak about sustainability will change dramatically over the next few years so she is committed to pushing the needle on sustainability awareness for C-Suite, community and beyond. Identifying some 20 years ago a gap in genuine knowledge around sustainability she devoted her time to acquiring a deep understanding of the global issues and nuances. She now couples her 30 years in luxury niche marketing with her science knowledge to focus on the paradigm shift in behaviour required for our sustainable future.

Illana created Be Better to bridge the gap between science, business, communities and individuals. The biggest choke point in the adoption of sustainable practices is a lack of access to clear information. Be Better therefore provides fact based, open sourced, cited, content to inspire change. Under that umbrella, Be Better Business is an independent 3rd party agency that specialises in helping organisations to navigate the complexity in the various frameworks for sustainability reporting. Frameworks such as; ESG, SDG’s, GRI, BCorp, GRI and ISO. Working with future thinking organisations they build bespoke roadmaps with an eye on the future to change the narrative and define what best practice looks like (versus greenwashing). Be Better Business can design, write and sign off on 3rd party Sustainability Reports or execute any of the above mentioned frameworks.

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